Business CRM System

Type           Web Application
Category    CRM
Domain      Fintech

About Project

Easily manage all your contacts. You can create unlimited persons which you can assign to companies. Now all your employees will be available to access all contacts and schedule meetings which will appear in the calendar as new event. Of course all CRM types have their own administration screens where you can do basic CRUD operations.

• CRUD Operations – All Segments post types have their CRUD screens where you can make all basic data operations;

• Filters – You can filter all post types by using predefined filters for each post type;

• Capabilities – Manage users access permissions;

• Notifications – Be notified about upcoming tasks and touchpoints;

• Widgets – You can easily place the touchpoints, tasks, projects widgets;

• Vicual Composer – All Workforce’s widgets have their Visual Composer (must purchase separately if needed) component;

• Statistics – See in chart all your expenses and earnings;

• CSV Export – Export all posts into CSV format. You can export filtered results as well;

• User Roles – Only “Employee” role is capable to access dashboard;

• Client Zone – Access for clients.